Leviathan Films is a feature film and TV production company established by producer and director Nigel Levy.

Channel 4 offers something of substance . . a fine example of these excellent documentaries.
The Financial Times
- 'Da Vinci Detective'

Startling. The programme managed to make a fantastical scenario genuinely plausible . . captivating reconstructions.
The Times - 'Horizon/NOVA'

Thrilling. One of the most amazing flying stories of all time is not an exaggeration.
The Times - 'Mayday'

Truly fascinating ...this near 40-year-old series is right back at the top of its form.
The Belfast Telegraph - 'Horizon/NOVA'
The series is an irresistible mix of horror-show sensationalism and smart analysis. It leaves you both sad for the obviously disturbed folks whose stories are told and terrified about what that neighbour you never talk to might have in his living room.
New York Times - 'Fatal Attractions'

It's the first piece of television in many years - or any entertainment format for that matter - that's deeply affected my opinion of what happened that night. And unlike the barrage of overly familiar material that hits our screens on important occasions like this, it does what a good documentary should do. It teaches us new things.
NotAnotherSequel.com - 'Titanic: Case Closed'
(US Title - Titanic's Final Mystery)

Brought a genuine tear to my eyes. Emotionally gripping stuff.
Digital Spy - 'Mayday'